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  • Wii~! Manteb barang ud sampe ne gan! Harga manteb, pelayanan ajib, barang cakep!! Thanks yak! :D … 

    Hans (03/12)
  • Asik, koleksi mini gw nambah lagi :D Sering2 adain bid ya bos hohoho … 

    Thomas (03/12)
  • Paket sudah diterima dengan baik... Good service, Good Price... Thank you :) … 

    Sandi N (30/11)
  • Spiked Mace - Glow in the Dark
    Spiked Mace - Glow In The Dark
    Rp 9.500,-
  • Battle Axe - Glow in the Dark
    Battle Axe - Glow In The Dark
    Rp 9.500,-
  • Military Rifle - Dark Green
    Military Rifle - Dark Green
    Rp 9.500,-
  • Scooter - Dark Green
    Scooter - Dark Green
    Rp 95.000,-
    Sold Out
  • Scooter - Orange
    Scooter - Orange
    Rp 95.000,-
    Sold Out
  • Scooter - Dark Red
    Scooter - Dark Red
    Rp 95.000,-
    Sold Out
  • Powered Assault Helmet - Black
    Powered Assault Helmet - Black
    Rp 14.500,-
    Sold Out
  • Mohawk - Black
    Mohawk - Black
    Rp 9.500,-
    Sold Out
  • Acoustic Guitar - Black Dragon
    Acoustic Guitar - Black Dragon
    Rp 14.500,-
    Sold Out
  • Broken Bottle - Trans Yellow
    Broken Bottle - Trans Yellow
    Rp 9.500,-
  • Panda
    Rp 75.000,-
    Rp 60.000,-
  • Mini Sub
    Mini Sub
    Rp 50.000,-
    Rp 40.000,-

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